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Dear Dr. Scott,
Please accept this note as a gesture of deep and sincere thanks for the professional and caring manner in which you treated Bob* during his recent crisis in vision loss in his right eye.

Not only did you agree to examine him on a Sunday but you also braved coming out and driving in all the show and ice. Thanks to you, Bob got to where he needed to be – the hospital.

The fact that you also continued to call Bob to follow-up with him regarding his treatment and condition further demonstrates your high level of dedication as a doctor.

We are grateful to you and look forward to recommending our friends, family and colleagues to you.



(*Name changed for privacy)

Greensboro, NC
Battleground Eye Care has been wonderful and professional. Dr. Scott is personable and friendly. He recommended "Focus Night & Day" for me, which have been just great. The follow up care and concern is something I've never experienced before. And the best part - my vision is actually improving after 6 months of wearing my new contacts. Thanks Dr. Scott.
Daniel K.
Greensboro, NC
Vision is a sense people take for granted. To take full advantage of the world you need to be able to see your surroundings. I came into Battleground Eye Care not knowing the world I live in. My vision was terrible. The expertise of Dr. Scott and the staff of Battleground Eye Care was second to none. They worked with me in every way possible to ensure that I would have the best possible vision when I left. When all was said and done I left seeing the world I live in for the first time in about 10 years! I would like to thank the staff of Battleground Eye Care and Dr. Scott for their excellence and would recommend them to anyone who values their sight.
Barron H.
Greensboro, NC

I moved to the High Point area a few years ago from California. I had been going to the same eye doctor in L.A. for many years, and was so worried about finding someone to take his place. Dr. Gordon promised he would ask his fellow doctors and friends for ‘the best’ to recommend me to. On my last appointment with him, he informed me he was sending me to Dr. Buscemi in Greensboro, NC. I was surprised, since I thought I would have to drive to the Raleigh/Durham area. I am a keratoconus patient and it is very important to me to find someone who understands this disease and it’s problems. I never met with Dr. Buscemi, but instead with some ‘young’ doctor. I thought, oh no, he is way too young to know about my problem and how important it is for my contacts to fit properly and still be able to see numbers. I am an accountant; my income depends on my eyes. However, Dr. Scott was a delightful surprise. Not only was he handsome, he was actually very smart and was quite knowledgeable about keratoconus. To my extreme delight, he has fitted me with the absolute perfect contacts. They wear almost like none other and I can see great. I think he even surprised himself. Not only has he helped me, he has also helped my daughter. She had tried to wear contacts for years, but they always seemed to bother her. I finally made her an appointment to see Dr. Scott and within minutes he diagnosed her problem, her eye ducts would get clogged. He suggested a few techniques for her and she has been a very happy contact wearing person ever since.

Many thanks to you and your very friendly and helpful staff. All of you are a great team.

Rebecca T.
High Point, NC

After 2 months of living in the US, I developed a painful eye condition that needed immediate attention. I called several eye centers in the area, but the wait was too long; however, when I phoned Battleground Eye Care, Dr. Scott saw me that morning. I left feeling reassured that I'd found an extremely competent eye specialist who take great care with each of his patients.

I then had a follow-up visit which confirmed I needed glasses for night driving (after driving on the wrong side of the road for 2 months) something that had been overlooked by my UK doctor.

Another exceptional experience with Dr. Scott was over Christmas when my mum was misdiagnosed with an eye infection . Once again, Dr. Scott came to our rescue, treating her immediately and diagnosing her with shingles, not an eye infection. My mum felt relieved that I had such an excellent health care provider to take care of her.

Dr. Scott's profound dedication to helping others, his witty and warm, yet professional manner and his follow up and excellent customer service confirms that I will be a lifelong patient! Cheers Dr. Scott

Karen G.
Greensboro, NC (formerly of the United Kingdom)
I wanted to send this letter to you to express how delighted I was when I visited your office on 10/15/2004. My visit was one of the most pleasant and professional experiences I have had in a long time when it comes to office visits. From beginning to end your staff was friendly, courteous, professional and most of all very personable. This is what is missing now days in so many businesses and from one businessman to another is a crucial key to success. Please extend my gratitude to your entire staff and tell them to keep up the good work.
Ron Goins, Jr.
V.P. Operations, Corporate Distribution Services, Inc., Greensboro, NC
I am a patient of Dr. Scott. Many times I come in for my yearly exam and wonder how routine. February 2005 my routine exam was no longer routine. The results of my visual field exam caused concern to Dr. Scott. He asked for a follow-up visit. I debated returning for this follow-up visit. You know how we think, there’s nothing wrong – my eyes are just getting older like me. This is one visit I’m glad I followed up on. I was sent to a neurologist and an MRI scan was ordered. I was diagnosed with a tumor on my hypothalamus gland. This tumor was applying pressure on my optic nerves, causing disturbed vision. I have had a craniotomy for a biopsy which was benign. I am currently taking radiation therapy to shrink the tumor. We are expecting my vision to return to normal. I can’t thank Dr. Scott enough for his concern and most important follow-up exam. All my doctors/surgeons were amazed this was found on a routine eye exam. The other important thing, I was not having any symptoms other than occasional blurred vision which didn’t last long. There is nothing as important as a yearly eye exam. Eye exam – Visa; Your Vision – “Priceless.” Get your yearly eye exam! Thanks Dr. Scott!!!
Elaine F.
Greensboro, NC
Dr. Scott: I wanted to write this letter and thank you for your prompt and professional attention in my family’s recent crisis. On Friday evening, 3 March 06, my son was playing outside and injured his eye. When he came in the house we both knew that it was serious. His eye was bleeding and I knew he needed medical attention quickly. My first impulse was to go to the hospital, but then I thought of Dr. Scott. He is my eye doctor and I have been very pleased with all eye care/contact lens service he has provided me. When I called the office and left the emergency message, to my surprise, Dr. Scott called me back within four minutes. He asked about the accident, the injury itself and agreed to meet at the office in 20 minutes. Alex and I were both afraid of the outcome, but Dr. Scott quickly set us at ease. He assessed the situation and went to work on Alex’s eye wound. In no time, we were finished, given healthcare instruction, follow up action, and on our way home. I could not have hoped to have Alex seen so quickly, and his care have been more professional. We thank you for your prompt and personal attention and especially your overall care with Alex through this scary time. We strongly recommend Dr. Jon Scott for routine eye care as well as any other extraordinary eye care needs.
Lori F.
Colfax, NC

Dr. Scott is an excellent doctor and a great person. He made us feel right at home, as if we were friends, and at the same time, he was the ultimate professional. Neither one of us had ever experienced such a thorough consultation and eye exam. It's comforting to know we have such a great doctor to depend on. Moreover, Dr. Scott has helped us solve a major computer problem, plus has guided us in other important areas. We highly recommend Dr. Scott to anyone seeking ultra high level eye care. He's the best!

Meryl and Lou S.
Greensboro, NC

It's more than just friendly service. It's more than saying thank you with a smile, or passing our coffee/snacks while waiting. It's something you and your staff fully understand and practice everyday...

That is making sure your customers are 100% satisfied with the service/ product regardless of the issue. That is accepting total responsibility for satisfaction when sometimes the issue is outside of your control/responsibility. Your prices are very competitive, not the cheapest, not the most costly...but when you consider the 'total satisfaction' practices of you and your entire group, the prices are a "bargain."

I will not consider going anywhere else for eye exams or frames/lenses. You and your group of professionals have 'stood by' me, through difficult eyeglass challenges and refused to stop until I was satisfied to the fullest...


Steve S.
Greensboro, NC

I lived in Greensboro for almost nine years before I found the right eye doctor. Lemme tell you how good Dr. Scott of Battleground Eye Care is. Here's just one example.

I have glaucoma, and I do yoga. One time in yoga class the instructor was demonstrating an inversion (a shoulder stand, I think), and she mentioned that one reason not to do such a pose was glaucoma. Possibly. So I looked at Dr. Scott's 411 to see if he had email. He does. I emailed him the question: Is it all right to do yogic inversions with glaucoma?

Within a few hours he emailed back, saying he had researched it, and the answer, to be safe, is no. Nice, thorough, responsive, and always eager to help. That's Dr. Scott.

A few months later I went to him for my annual exam; he remembered me, my yoga question and the research. Want a good eye doc? Here ya go.

Mike C.
Greensboro, NC

After struggling for over a year to find a contact lens solution to my corneal problems — Dr. Scott was able to successfully fit me with the new Synergeyes lens. Complications that developed after my refractive surgery 10 years ago led to a condition in my right eye called corneal ectasia. With a changing and unstable cornea producing lots of astigmatism my distance vision was now a real problem.I learned that Dr. Scott was especially skilled and experienced in hard to fit contact lens situations.

After a complete evaluation of my condition, Dr. Scott recommended the Synergeyes lens which gives me the clear crisp vision of a rigid gas permeable lens but with a soft lens “skirt” or edge for comfort. It’s the best of both worlds. I am now experiencing 20/20 vision thanks to Dr. Scott efforts. His professionalism and attention to my questions and concerns was outstanding. I recommend Dr. Scott if you need the help of a specialist in contact lens fitting."

Todd H.
Greensboro, NC

Greetings Dr. Scott. I wanted to drop you a note thanking you and everyone at Battleground Eye Care for the exceptional level of service/patient care you have provided me over the years. You and your team have bent over backwards to ensure my problematic vision was clear while I was in Egypt for 14+ years. Your team was responsive to my requests to drop ship my lenses to different people/locations in the states to courier the lenses to me in Egypt with nary a complaint. You have always sought the cutting edge technology to get me the best product to maintain the long-term health of my eyes while dealing with my problematic corneas. For this I thank you and your squad. I look forward to receiving the Jupiter lenses as the next progressive step for clearer vision and healthier eyes.

Since I have been back in the states, my wife and I have been extremely disappointed in the overall, general level of consumer, customer service we have run across at different businesses. You would think that in a steep recession, businesses would demand and insist on more customer service from employees, not less. In the face of this counter-intuitive trend in customer service, I am pleased to see that Battleground Eye Care has maintained its exceptional level of patient care/customer service. Keep up the good work. It’s refreshing.

James P.
Formerly of Greensboro, NC