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Contact Lenses

  • Can I swim in my contact lenses?

    If you want to lose your vision permanently. That sounds harsh but there are a lot of bacteria and parasites in our waters, even chlorinated swimming pools that can permanently scar your eyes. If you must swim in your lenses, take them out immediately after and disinfect them.

  • Can I sleep in my lenses?

    There are some lenses approved by the FDA for overnight wear but you should do so very carefully…

Optical Glasses

  • What is the warranty on your glasses?

    You should always ask about frame and lens warranties regardless of where you buy them.


    At BEC:

    Frame – Most companies offer a 1-year warranty but it varies by manufacturer. It ranges from 90 days to two years.


    Lenses – Again, it varies by the type of lens but if you get Crizal® anti-reflective lenses they carry a two-year warranty. Other lenses are typically a year.

  • What is the difference between your glasses and the national eyeglass store at the mall?

    This is a very common question. Honestly, it depends. Some stores offer good quality materials. When you see the sales like ‘buy one, get one’ the markups are enormous so the end value isn’t that great. We encourage our patient’s to compare apples to apples. Get a quote from a chain for the exact lens and frame and you’ll find we are very competitive. However if they are quoting lower quality materials and optics they may be perceived as lower. In fact, there is a chain offering 2 pair of no-line bifcals for under $100. That no-line bifocal is 1980s tech. Many advances have occurred since then. With all things in life, you get what you pay for.

  • What is the difference between your glasses and those found on the Internet?

    This one is pretty easy to answer. Many glasses found on the Internet are made in foreign countries with low quality materials by low wage earners. Typically the frames and lenses are unwarranted, so what you get is what you get. When you buy from a local eye doctor, not only are you supporting your local economy you are getting measurements and services you may overlook, such as:


    • Accurate Segment height
    • Vertical optical center
    • Eye size
    • Bridge size
    • Temple length
    • Lens material and refractive index best suited for your prescription
    • Multifocal design and brand
    • Optional lens features – such as tints, coatings, etc.
    • Eyeglass dispensing adjustment
    • Education and training on lens and frame features and care
    • Ongoing adjustments
    • Minor repairs

  • Why should I buy from Battleground Eye Care instead of the Internet?

    We have friendly, well-trained staff right here in your neighborhood ready to help you achieve the best vision possible, provide ongoing service and repairs and any other help along the way. We can’t compete on pricing but feel we are valuable in terms of long-term adjustments and repairs.

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